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Top 21+ Best Shiplap Wall Ideas – Wooden Board Interiors


Top 21+ Best Shiplap Wall Ideas – Wooden Board Interiors

In the modern designer’s quest to revive the rustic aesthetic, a number of hidden interior treasures are coming to light, among them the shiplap wall.
Shiplap paneling, named for its traditional usage on ships, is an overlapping of grooved wooden panels. Shiplapping lends texture and antiquation to any space, and can be easily installed with a basic assortment of tools.
Ideal for the desired accent wall or lending a bit of the nautical rustic to one’s surroundings, shiplap walls blend with any interior scheme without overwhelming the tone and décor. A shiplap wall behind the bathroom vanity suggests a luxe liner cabin, while a fireplace shiplap wall softens the space with forest-inspired harmony.


What kind of wood is used for shiplap walls?

Shiplap can come in any number of materials. Pine, primed pine, cedar, and even MDF can be used for shiplap, depending on your budget, the project, and where you’re using it. A wide variety of materials were used for shiplap in older homes, so there is no hard and fast rule on this.
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